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Survey results from Ontario’s Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology

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Following the steps below, you can view and compare the graduate outcomes of all the programs in your list. A default benchmark 'All Colleges, All Programs' is also provided for comparison. This benchmark can be changed by selecting the link on 'All Colleges, All Programs'. For more information, see: How do I use the benchmark selector?

Click the 'View selected' button to display the data for your choices. To change programs, click the 'Modify selection' button to return to the previous page. Please note: Your program list will be deleted after 20 minutes of inactivity or when you close your browser.

Step 1 Show or hide selected programs:
This table lists the programs saved to the program list, identifies each with a colour and allows each to be shown or hidden. Show or hide selected programs:
Program nameShow/hide
A list of benchmarks that correspond to your selected programs is presented below. You may choose to compare your programs against a relevant occupational cluster or occupational division. Only ONE benchmark can be selected at a time.
Show or hide selected programs
Below is a list of benchmarks that you can compare the selected programs against. You can choose ONE at a time.
Program nameClusterDivision

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For additional information or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, see the FAQ and Glossary pages.

Data elements relying on small cell counts should be interpreted with caution. See the 'General information' data view for survey response rates and respondent counts.

Graphs: mouse over to display data. Tables: click column heading to sort.